Don’t Quit

It’s been a few weeks since my last post because frankly…I haven’t walked for a while.

My last post was, memorably, getting on the scale and finding that I’d lost a whole stone in weight…Delighted was an understatement!

dont-quit-image-2The problem with losing weight for me, is I then tend to reward myself, and the type of reward I chose was to rest!!!  What I didn’t plan was that my ‘rest’ would last for almost 3 weeks. Having said that though, I’ve been able to maintain the weight loss and although I’ve not lost anymore weight since then, I’ve not gained any either…so I’m still in my happy place.

I got back to pounding the steps this week and completed 3.5 miles with the hope of getting back into a regular walking schedule.

The beauty about where my mindset is at the moment, is that I didn’t give up. I just slowed down a bit and more importantly, I didn’t get caught up in any guilt about not walking as I’d promised myself.

Looking back now, I can clearly see that this is my default approach in my life. I can recognise when it’s time to rest but resting is not stopping, so long as you start again.

My words of encouragement to you, as you read this, is the ‘Don’t Quit’ poem. Quitting really isn’t worth it unless it serves a greater purpose, with bigger and better rewards.


Have a great day and be UNSTOPPABLE.



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