A pound is still a pound

So it’ week 3 and I’m still walking.

Last week’s goals were…

  1. To create the habit of walking which then becomes a standard and integral part of my lifestyle.
  2. To find and have at least one nutritional breakfast.
  3. To take a BEFORE picture as evidence of distance travelled in terms of weight loss.

The results…

  1. It’s been a busy weekend and so the start to my week has also been slow in terms of walking. I’ve done just one of my 8,000 minimum steps so far, but will definitely complete them before the weekend.
  1. Still struggling with eating breakfast, let alone a nutritional one. To achieve this I have to actually go shopping…for food…something else to add to my ‘to do’ list.
  1. The BEFORE picture has been taken and it’s not pretty so that will be kept under wraps until there is a definite difference to be seen. Otherwise it’ll find its way into the ‘trash bin’ on my computer as “an old photo taken after I went walking”.


I have sneaked onto the scale this week and was pleased to see a downward shift but I made sure I did it without my glasses on, so I couldn’t see the exact number. Besides I didn’t want to, as I’m sure I’d want a cream cake to celebrate!

For those who know me, they know I do what’s called a ‘mind feed’ every morning, which is my way of feeding my brain and spirit with positivity.  I usually listen to something on my iPod or iPad, from an audio recording to a YouTube video, before starting my day, as it helps to focus me for the day.

However, with my walking, it’s amazing how much better it is to do this mind feed at the same time as walking.  I can get ‘lost’ in the voice I’m listening to, have my mind popping with business ideas, new quotes and tweets, and sometimes I wish I had a notebook with me to capture everything.  I often slow down or stop along the way, just to make a note on my phone because getting the idea at ‘mile one’ means that by the time I get to mile 3 or 4, I’m just shattered and can only think about getting home and collapsing…Ideas? What ideas? 😉

I’ve been getting some great feedback and support from all corners of the internet (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) so thanks for the encouragement, it does help.  I’ve got no plans to lose x amount, over x period of time but more to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle so that I can have more energy for the years ahead, which will be filled with fun, laughter and lots of travel.

As Socrates says in the quote below, I plan to focus on building new things in my life both professionally and personally.

003 Image 2.JPG

So this is what I commit to as I write this today…

One – Complete my remaining 2 ‘walks’ before the weekend.

Two – Find at least one healthy/nutritional breakfast option so that the carbs don’t undo the great work being done…Ok, yeah that’s the same as last week but who’s checking.

Three – Get a jacket to wear when it’s raining… Yeah, that dastardly rain stopped me walking last week (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it)

Have a great week and be UNSTOPPABLE.


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