When the scales lie

I’m so pleased to report that the outside gym is working for me.  My commitments last week were:-

  1. To walk at least 3 times per week for a minimum of 8,000 steps each time.
  2. To avoid chocolate except on the weekends [sad face]
  3. To have breakfast at least 3 times per week.

The results…

  1. I’ve walked for 7 days consecutively and each time resulted in a minimum of 8,000 steps so I smashed it.
  1. Er…yeah, didn’t quite stick to this one but I didn’t gorge on any chocolate either, so I’m still aiming to achieve this. Remember: What you eat in private, you wear in public.
  1. Wow, I’ve developed a taste for brioche and scrambled eggs…OMG! Absolutely delicious and hits the spot when necessary, as it’s easy to prepare and eat on-the-go. Please don’t ask for nutritional values here, as I’m not ready for that level of detail just yet, and I doubt if brioche has any!

I’m keeping it real though and not getting too excited as my history dictates that I always start really well in these matters (‘exercise’) but sustainability is not my strong point, as I get bored if the results don’t come quickly enough.  This is where the rule of habits will have to come in… “it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle” so by my reckoning, the Jury is still out on all 3 of the above but I’m definitely going in the right direction.

Image 2 UWB

I think I’ve lost weight but the problem with scales is that they are so damn honest with you and when you’re on the kind of journey that I am, that kind of brutal honesty is not necessary…just yet.  Last year I remember when I thought my scales were broken, as they were reading 15 plus stone every time I stood on them. So, I literally threw away two new scales because I thought the digital reader was ‘off’ or the floor was uneven to explain the high reading.

I replaced them with an old fashioned (non-digital) one where the dial rotates when you step on it, and rotate it did, all the way to 16.7 stone…I needed a tub of Häagen Dazs ice-cream to get over the shock (true story).

When I got on the scale last week and recorded my weight (no I’m not going to repeat it now), it was for a measure of where I was coming from.  I will get on the scale from time to time and hope to see the numbers decreasing but what I’ve decided to do is to ‘feel’ and ‘watch’ my body changing, which I believe is more impacting than a set of numbers on a scale.

As women, we tend to hide from ourselves, literally, and it really doesn’t serve us very well.  As I walked today, I put my hands (flat palms) against my upper thighs as I walked, and I swear blind I could feel the muscles battling with the fat layers to reach out to me.  “Don’t worry” I said quietly to my deeply buried muscle tissue, “I know you’re there and as you fight from the inside, I’ll continue to fight from the outside so that we can one day meet like old friends”. Don’t laugh…whatever works, right?

In terms of watching my body change, I regularly take a long look at myself in a full-length mirror, butt naked. That is a must and I’m glad that I’m able to do this.  I’m not fooling myself here as I’ve got the body of a 47 year old woman, who’s given birth twice so I don’t expect to see a ‘spring chicken’ looking back at me. What I do see is a woman whose body is under construction, so like all building sites, it’s a bit of a mess at the moment but the most amazing home [for my soul] is being created.

So this is what I commit to as I write this today…

One – Focus on creating the habit over the next 14 days with the aim of making it a lifestyle in 90 days.

Two – Find at least one healthy/nutritional breakfast option so that the carbs don’t undo the great work being done.

Three – Take a ‘BEFORE’ picture because I really want to see what I look like before I’ve achieved the ‘AFTER’.

Have a great day and be UNSTOPPABLE.

UWB 002 Image


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