Big Butt Syndrome

Today was about getting off my butt and getting my butt back in line with where it should be! For years now, I’ve had loads of comments about the size of my ‘behind’, ‘butt’, ‘derriere’ or whatever it’s referred to and my response has always been the same… “I can’t see how big it is but it’s always there when I sit down, so I’m fine with it”

This is a true statement but when the waist, the arms and the legs start to get bigger too, then it’s really time for me to take note and get moving.

So back to today – I got out of bed and dragged on some leggings and a top before putting on my trainers and off I went, walking…outside (I usually walk inside, on the spot and it does work too but much slower in terms of results).

I’m truly blessed to have a great shape (think hour glass), with a large bust (GG) and a butt to match, but my waist is smaller and my Body Magic (a brilliant reshaping garment) assists in defining my shape. So turning heads (not hearts so much) has never been a problem for me. However, despite being happy in other areas of my life, my weight has always been a yoyo effect based on where I am emotionally. I’m beginning to understand that as I get older, I’m not snapping back as quickly as I used to, so I need to be more focussed on watching what I eat and how much I actually ‘move’ each day.

Yes, I’ve got one of those wrist thingy’s that monitor my steps but after a while, if I’m not self-motivated enough to get moving, no matter how flashy my step monitor is (I’ve even considered buying an Apple watch), I won’t change my body in the way I really need to.

My commitment to myself today is to just move more than I have been.  Baby steps and consistency is the key to assist in getting from 17 stone (OMG I wrote down my actual weight) down to 13 or less.  Whilst 13 stone still sounds heavy to many people, I’m keeping it real, because losing the weight will decrease my Double G’s and I really don’t want to end up with pancakes that I then need to roll up, to fit into my reduced sized bras…jus sayin’.

So this is what I commit to as I write this today…

Step OneWalk at least 3 times per week for a minimum of 8,000 steps each time.  I won’t focus on how long it takes me to walk these steps as I understand it’ll get shorter each time. I won’t try and increase the number of steps until I’ve mastered 8,000 properly without needing 2 hours to recover after my walk…yes, it does take me that long to get back to normality.

Step TwoScale back to chocolate at the weekends only.   This will be the hardest task and I’m already crying.  I love chocolate and make no apology but being honest with myself, it’s clear that my love of family sized bags of minstrels is adding to this butt of mine so that has to change. I don’t eat bread or cakes very often and drink alcohol even less, but chocolate…yep, still crying over this one.

Step ThreeEat breakfast at least 4 times per week.  I don’t currently have breakfast unless it involves a nice location i.e. The Garden Room in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, which is then a working breakfast, with a client or colleague.  I know breakfast is a must and any good nutritional book or guru would tell you that if you miss breakfast, you’ll develop bad eating habits for the rest of the day, which is then duplicated each day and before you know it, big butt syndrome.

Have a great day and be UNSTOPPABLE.



  1. I love this Sharon, it’s a honest yet funny reflection on one of the biggest things people struggle with. I’m on my way for a well overdue swim, thanks for the inspiration. Looking forward to following more blogs 😝

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  2. Wow i enjoyed reading that , the pancakes lol. started walking again & yes the recovery on the body is no joke. If u can swim thats good exercise, plus badminton. Holler. I.m on a no carbs gig @ the minute which is interesting.

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  3. Your story is Real Sharon and will resonate with many ‘our age’. A good read and inspiring blog. Thanks for sharing this and your honesty. They are great and achievable goals. Looking forward to hearing more on how you’re getting on with this journey. I’m trying the ‘moving more’ myself. Well done sis. You got this!

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